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Orlando Fiber Cement Siding Pros is one of the top fiber cement siding contractors in the Greater Orlando area. We also offer siding replacement services and have helped hundreds of satisfied customers with siding replacement. 

Damaged or worn-out siding can make your home look older and may also result in damage to your house due to weather, climate, etc. If your old siding needs replacement than you can contact us for free consultation and our experienced contractors will guide you how to proceed with siding replacement. 

Why you might need siding replacement?

You may need siding replacement due to several reasons. Most people come to us if their siding has become older with the passage of time as nothing lasts forever and this is also true about siding. A good chunk of our siding replacement clients has siding that has suffered damage due to weather, accidents such as fire, or exposure to chemicals, termites, and insects. 

Many of our clients just want to replace siding that has become older or if they are not happy with their existing siding even if the siding is in good shape overall. Most first-time homeowners have no idea about the merits or demerits of different types of siding materials and go with whatever they are told. Once they have the siding installed, they become aware of the issues and often decide to replace the siding. So, irrespective of the category that you fall into, we are eager to help if you need siding replacement. 

Which type of Siding is best?

There is no single answer to this question as each types of siding have its pros and cons, but after considering all the aspects, we can say with confidence that fiber cement siding is the best for most customers. Fiber cement siding is quite durable, affordable, and can resist all kinds of damage caused due to climate, temperature changes, insects, termites, fungus, fire, and heat. 

Benefits of replacing vinyl or wood siding with fiber cement siding

Fiber cement siding competes with Vinyl and wood siding and all three materials have their own benefits and drawbacks. Still, fiber cement siding is way better than either vinyl or wood siding and here we will discuss some benefits of replacing your existing vinyl or wood siding with fiber cement siding.

Heat Resistance

Both vinyl and wood are known for their poor heat resistance. Vinyl has an extremely low melting point and starts to melt if it’s in close proximity to a flame. Wood is a known combustible substance and wood siding quickly catches fire and can indeed spread the fire around your home due to its combustible nature. Fiber cement siding on the other hand is known for its heat resistance and fiber cement board will withstand fire for hours before it starts to melt. This will give you enough time to put out the fire.


Although both vinyl and wood are quite durable, but these materials fall short if we consider the durability offered by fiber cement siding. Unlike vinyl or wood siding, fiber cement siding is immune to damage caused by weather, climate, extreme temperatures, insects, woodpeckers, fungus, or moisture. Fiber cement siding has been specifically created to resist most types of damages and is among the most durable materials available for siding today.


Vinyl or wood siding usually lasts for a few years, but the lifespan of fiber cement siding is measured in decades and not years. Most fiber cement siding manufacturers such as James Hardie offer 30 years or even longer guarantees for their products and hardie siding can last up to 50 years or even more.

Maintenance costs

Fiber cement siding also has much lower maintenance costs as compared to vinyl siding or wood siding. Fiber cement siding also requires less frequent repairs due to its damage resistant nature and is a better option if you don’t want to spend money on endless repairs over the years.

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Orlando Fiber Cement Siding Pros is considered among the best fiber cement siding contractors and we do not believe in a one size fits all approach. Our veterans are always ready to go extra mile for solving the siding problems faced by our customers.

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