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Hardie Board Siding, Orlando, FL

Hardie Board Siding refers to the fiber cement siding developed and marketed by James Hardie, an Australian company. James Hardie is considered an industry leader and is known for its cement-fiber siding and other construction materials. 

Hardieplank siding is globally recognized as the best cement-fiber siding currently in the market and is the choice of millions who want to protect their house by installing siding. According to James Hardie’s estimates, their products grace more than 8 million homes just in North America. 

James Hardie has practically invented fiber cement siding; although the technology has been around for almost a century, it was popularized only in the 1980s by James Hardie. A Hardy Board usually includes cement made with limestone, clay and iron, cellulose fiber, water, and sand. Hardie board siding is considered superior to most other forms of fiber cement siding, and the company is known as an innovator in the industry with a good chunk of their budget spend on R&D for developing new siding and building materials. 

Why choose Hardie Board Siding?

Siding works as an exterior armor for your home, and it is necessary to use siding that can withstand weather, insects, climate, and anything else that nature can throw at your building. Hardie siding is among the best types of fiber cement siding available today and has some unique features not found in most other types of siding. Here are some of the features that separate Hardie Board siding from other siding materials.



Hardie Cement Board siding offers a wide range of styles, textures to choose from, which allows you to customize you to match your home’s architectural style. You can also use the color visualizer tool on James Hardie’s website to build a color palette that matches your taste.


Hardie Board siding is extremely long-lasting with the average expected life of 50+ years. Each James Hardie product comes with a replacement or refund guarantee valid for up to 30 years. Hardie Board siding is the only type of siding that is Engineered for Climate®.

Damage Proof

The company has conducted extensive research to make their products as durable as possible and have come up with siding that is immune to moisture, rot, rain, sleet, snow, pests, termites, fires, and temperature changes. Hardie siding is also considered to be among the best fire-resistant siding in the market, and some insurance companies also offer discounts if you have Hardie board siding installed.

Designed for Climate

James Hardie is perhaps the only company that has studied the impact of climate on siding and has come up with different types of siding for homes based on the climate in your region. The company has created the HardieZone® system for ensuring that the customers get the right product depending on their region.
HZ5® rated products from James Hardie are made to resist wet, freezing conditions. While HZ10® products are designed to protect your home from humidity, heat, blistering sun, and other conditions found in hotter regions.


Hardie Board siding is quite pleasant and appears almost natural with a wood-like appearance without any drawbacks of wood siding. Your home will appear more beautiful with Hardie board siding, and pleasing aesthetics is one of the main reasons why people choose Hardie board siding over other siding materials.

Colorplus® Technology

While you can paint your Hardie Board siding right after installation, you will be happier if you decide to go with their Colorplus® Technology. Colorplus® Technology allows you to bake a consistent coat of proprietary finish onto your siding in a controlled factory environment. The tightly controlled process ensures that the finish of your Hardie board siding is not spoiled by debris, and every section of the board is coated evenly. Colorplus® Technology has been designed to resist UV rays that are often harmful to paint, and James Hardie offers a 15-year warranty for Colorplus® Technology paint on top of their regular 30-year warranty for Hardie Board siding.

Hardie Board Siding Installation

Installing Hardie Board Siding requires professional help from experts who understand the intricacies of the process. Orlando Fiber Cement Siding Pros is considered the local expert for Hardie Board Siding installations, and we have helped hundreds of homeowners with Hardie board siding installation in the past. Get in touch with us if you want to install Hardie Board Siding on your house or any other building.

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Orlando Fiber Cement Siding pros is considered among the best fiber cement siding contractors in the Orlando area and we have been installing Hardie siding for years. We believe in providing a customized solution to our clients and our fiber cement siding contractors take a personal approach to each individual client. 

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