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Fiber Cement Siding Repair, Orlando, FL

Fiber cement siding is almost synonymous with durability as this type of siding is known to last for decades if taken proper care. At the same time, a long life does not necessarily mean that your siding will not suffer any damage. Due to its composition, fiber cement siding can resist most types of damages, but it is not indestructible. It can be damaged due to several reasons that we will discuss below. 

Thankfully, damaged fiber cement siding can be repaired in most cases, and Orlando Fiber Cement Siding Pros is a recognized leader in fiber cement siding repair

Leading causes of fiber cement siding damage

Fiber cement siding is generally not affected by weather, temperature changes as good quality fiber cement siding can even resist class 5 hurricanes and have been certified to last in extreme weather and climate conditions. Most types of damages are often a result of faulty installation. Here are some common causes of fiber cement damage, and you will soon discover how these are all interconnected.

Faulty Installation

If some gap remains open, then it can lead to moisture penetrating the insides of your fiber cement siding plank. Moisture can also seep in via cracks or uncaulked seams. If your Hardie siding absorbs moisture, then it will lead to further problems such as rot, mold, and damage. Moisture related damage is often the result of faulty installation, and it is crucial to pay close attention even to minor areas at the time of installation.

Void Warranty

One often overlooked aspect is the impact of faulty installation on the warranty. Most manufacturers do not offer warranty for faulty installation or moisture issues caused by such installation. So, you are on your own if your fiber cement siding has suffered damage due to the wrong installation.

Chemicals and Paints

Fiber cement siding can also be damaged when cleaning or washing with chemicals, or at the time of repainting if you ignore the right kind of chemicals or paints for washing, cleaning, or repainting. However, joints and seams are the main reasons for most issues.

Other reasons

Fiber cement siding can also be damaged while cutting a siding plank or by overdriving the fasteners. Even minor damage during the installation can lead to more significant problems later as mishandling fiber cement siding will open it to further damage by weather, moisture, etc. Loose siding and missing flashings at the butt joints can become a conduit for water, which can lead to further issues and will be a constant sore for you unless fixed.

DIY Installation

Hopefully, you would have realized the importance of installation in preventing fiber cement siding damage. Fiber cement siding installation is a delicate process that requires expertise, skill, and knowledge of the process. Many homeowners who mistakenly believe that they can adopt a Do it yourself or DIY approach and install their siding themselves end up paying dearly for this mistake as DIY installations are often the ones that suffer damage due to faulty installation.

When do you need fiber cement siding repairs?

You do not need to wait until the damage becomes noticeable. If you have noticed some seams open after a faulty installation or a crack between two or more siding boards, then you need to hire a fiber cement siding contractor without any further delay. 

Why it pays to hire an experienced pro for your fiber cement siding installation

Most of the damages mentioned above are directly or indirectly caused by faulty installation. Installing  fiber cement siding is not an easy task, and you need to carefully choose a fiber cement siding contractor who has a proven track record of excellence. Most fiber cement siding contractors claim to be the best, but always conduct some due diligence and ask their past customers about the quality of service before hiring a fiber cement siding contractor as this is the best way to avoid faulty installation in the first place. 

The faulty installation will defeat the whole purpose of the exercise and will create further problems for you down the road. So, it is way better to pay for the expertise beforehand than replacing your damaged siding or hiring someone to repair it. 

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Orlando Fiber Cement Siding Pros is the best fiber cement siding service in the Greater Orlando area. We have helped several homeowners in the past and have repaired even heavily damaged siding, which would be unrepairable by most. Contact us for a free consultation if you want to get your fiber cement siding repaired. 

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